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As a first time entrepreneur, there would be a lot of new things to remember, to learn and to adapt. It is really a challenge for any person aspiring to become successful businessmen. Many small businesses don’t have that enormous amount of budget to even make their ventures more competitive but it’s fine. The first years of being an entrepreneur is to survive and eventually you will have the money to become better, stronger and more competitive.

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Even in the very beginning, save yourself from losing money. Instead,borrow money from a bank or from Create a business plan that can work for the short and long run. Always have some backups. See what things might come up tomorrow, next week or even farther than that. Write down the problems you anticipate coming up and what possible solutions could work out.

Reduce your expenses or keep them low. For example, instead of big time advertising, you can attempt to advertise online. Your advertisement can stay in one website for a year or if you have your own website then the ads will stay there forever. If you have a supplier that costs you a lot, maybe a change of supplier is what you need. You need to look for a cheaper supplier that still offers the same quality but can deliver better than your previous.


Instead of hiring too many people because you’re afraid of productivity and efficiency, well to tell you the truth, you can survive with a few people. In many cases productivity is higher with enough employees because you can control and observe how they do their tasks and they’ll even work harder because they know you count on them.

Don’t repeat the same mistakes twice. That’s a no-no situation in business because you can’t afford to lose money for the second time around with the same situation or cause. For example, if you’ve encountered a failed partnership, then refuse politely if they invited you for a business venture again.

Build relationships and maintain the existing bonds you have with people whether they are potential customers or your own employees. If you can create a good relationship with people, the more chance you will survive in recessions since these people can give you additional ideas and ways to connect to some business ventures that can save you with the current problem you are having.


Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves. Always take good care of what you have now. If your income is not enough because of some bad days, don’t give up your business. It happens all the time. Survive that day, and you will be stronger and more determined as an entrepreneur as days pass.

Whatever decisions you’ll make, be committed and be ready with possible successful and bad results. Learn from your mistakes or learn from other’s mistakes. Keep yourself up to date with what’s new and what can help you to save more. Be the best entrepreneur you can be.


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