Knowing Your Rights With The Law And Your Family

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There’s only one problem that most people just aren’t aware of before they choose to have a family: there is a lot of hoo-hah surrounding being a working parent. You may not have noticed when you were at the office that most of the time, when someone goes off to have a baby, life changes for them. Until it becomes your turn, you can’t understand the scrutiny that most people come under just for having a child. A child is a blessing and everyone knows that part but there’s a lot of complications that surround returning to work after a baby.

You cannot do right for doing wrong and the world has an opinion on everything you do as a parent. If you chose to stay at home and raise your child, you’re seen as some kind of sponge or seen as a liability in the workplace. It’s not a surprise really. People who have children change when they are born. Work and climbing the ladder in the office to get that promotion no longer seems so important. But what do you do if you want to return to your job and your employer is being difficult?  A lot of employers don’t see the joy in the child that’s been born, they see the issue that they are having to spend funds hiring in someone new to cover a maternity leave open spot. They see the money they could lose when the woman who leaves their staff after so many years may not return and therefore they have to hire someone else and retrain someone new.

London Law FirmThat’s a lot of pound signs flashing in the eyes of the employer. The trouble is that employers are also not a fan of flexible working. The number of women who ask for part time or flexible hours so they can be there for their child should they need to and get turned down is unacceptable. A lot of women feel forced out of the workplace due to inflexible employers and this is something that is becoming an issue as women then feel like they have to choose between a family and their career.

As for those who have a few years away from the workplace and who try to get back into work after some time away? Forget about it. That just doesn’t happen as much now because for you, who may have ten years’ experience in your job but then two years out to raise a child, there aren’t as many roles. For the roles that are there, there are fifty other candidates all who DIDN’T take the time out of their working lives to dare have a child. Unfair, isn’t it? There a lot of London Law Firm that can help you with employers who discriminate against you for wanting flexible hours. If you feel like you have been forced out of your position due to there being no help at work, you can contact them for a chat and some guidance.

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